Monday, November 27, 2006


You might remember, from the 20Nov06 show, how Carson and Eamon basically wanted to french kiss Jan Schlaudraff's skills. Now you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

Here are three goals from the Schlaudraff:
1. Against Bremen
2. Against Hannover
3. Against I can't tell who

Your Friends at,
Goal: The Soccer Show

Show for 27Nov06


Dramatis Personae (in order of earthly possessions):
Kevin Meek
Carson Cistulli
Eamon ffitch [sic]

The Show:
Here's our marketing pitch for today's installment: "Last week's jokes made less funny."

That's right. It's that good.

A word of warning to listeners, faithful or otherwise: if you begin listening about 20 mins into the show, you probably won't miss that much.

That said, if you begin even 55 mins into the show, you probably won't miss that much.

Saturated by the Dominant Hegemony,
Goal: The Soccer Show

Monday, November 20, 2006

Show for 20Nov06


There are three things you need to know:

1. The Soccer Show writes the songs that the whole world sings--or at least it seems that way.

2. Today's dramatis personae is (in order of tact):
Kevin Meek
Carson Cistulli
Eamon ffitch [sic]

3. Critics and audiences agree that today's show is the best ever. Look inside to understand why.

Look into,
The Soccer Show

Monday, November 13, 2006

Bonus Internet Material!


This is an Inter Milan fight song, "Pazza Inter Amala," sung by the actual Inter squad from around 2003, I'd guess.

If you've listened to this week's show, this is what I tried to play at the show's beginning.

Special thanks to Antonella in Istres, France.

Pazza Soccer Show Amala,

Show for 13Nov06


This week, our guest is Tina Antolini, reporter, producer, and uber-radio-personality for NPR-affiliate WFCR 88.5 FM in Amherst MA. As Part II in our Soccer Show Learns the Radio, Tina helps us realize--and this is unfortunate--but she helps us realize that, to become a half-decent show, we might have to put in some actual effort.

That said, this will be Tina's last appearance on Goal.

In other news, Carson invites everyone over to his house Sunday night for a little Roma - Catania action...and beer!

Come one, come all, to the radio event of the century--but don't forget to listen to the The Soccer Show, too!

Tired and Loving It,

Monday, November 06, 2006

Show for 06Nov06


Perhaps, as a listener of Goal, you've caught on to the fact that we don't always "know what we're doing," or that we aren't what you'd call "professionals." Today we turn our weakness into a strength--or at least a less-debilitating weakness.

Anjali Khosla is the former host of the eponymous Anjali Khosla Show, a talk radio program broadcast from the University of Iowa student radio station. As part of that show and other media work, she has interviewed some pretty stand-out personages--Salman Rushdie, Ira Glass, and (Gang of Four bassist) Dave Allen among them. Today she helps Carson, Kevin, and Eamon begin the incredibly long and mostly-winding road to talk radio competency.

This show marks the first of a two part series called something like, Goal Learns about Radio; or maybe, Radio Literacy and Its Many Dangers.

Note: we basically don't talk about soccer on this episode, so I hope that's fine.