Monday, November 06, 2006

Show for 06Nov06


Perhaps, as a listener of Goal, you've caught on to the fact that we don't always "know what we're doing," or that we aren't what you'd call "professionals." Today we turn our weakness into a strength--or at least a less-debilitating weakness.

Anjali Khosla is the former host of the eponymous Anjali Khosla Show, a talk radio program broadcast from the University of Iowa student radio station. As part of that show and other media work, she has interviewed some pretty stand-out personages--Salman Rushdie, Ira Glass, and (Gang of Four bassist) Dave Allen among them. Today she helps Carson, Kevin, and Eamon begin the incredibly long and mostly-winding road to talk radio competency.

This show marks the first of a two part series called something like, Goal Learns about Radio; or maybe, Radio Literacy and Its Many Dangers.

Note: we basically don't talk about soccer on this episode, so I hope that's fine.